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Rachel Bilson Icon Challenge
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Welcome to rbichallenge

I drunk_n_in_love love Rachel Bilson not only as an actress, but as a positive role model. One day after hours of searching for a Rachel Bilson challenge, I came across several which were inactive for months. So that is when I decided to create a challenge of my very own. Thus, rbichallenge was born and later joined by co-mod wreckable

This community is for the graphic makers who love Rachel Bilson to come and post their graphics and compete to win first, second, and third place. The challenges will either be icons or headers, but will always include Rachel. Here are some rules for you to follow while entering.

Rules on entering your icons

1. Each challenge will begin on Monday and will end 12 est. Friday. No late entries will be taken!
2. Voting will begin on Saturday morning/afternoon. Please be patient with the polls.
3. When voting, be sure to read the rules on how many icons to enter. If you vote too many or too less, your vote will not count.
4. The entries will be screened to prevent copying and whatnot.
5. Don't steal any of the graphics posted in this community! If you like one of the icons and would like to use it, comment on the post and ask ME for the persons username so I can help you contact them.
6. Be respectful to the other makers work. Dont criticize it. Any rudeness will result from you being banned.
7. Have fun and try your best! If you dont win one contest don't be discouraged, try again next time.=]

Banners and Buttons

Here are some banners and buttons you can use to link back to us. You don't have to use them, but it would be nice. :)


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We are now accepting affiliates again. So comment on the friends only entry to be added. :)